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A Business and Financial Management Advisor is Crucial to Managing Profits

There are numerous taboos, fears and misconceptions when it comes to money and business management.  It’s only natural to avoid those aspects of business that are necessary-- but are not necessarily “fun.” 

As with most things, this industry isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Running a business in the cannabis industry carries great risk. Business owners operating in states where cannabis is legal have a constant awareness that federally, it continues to remain illegal. On top of that, banking is a major headache and federally, the taxation is so discriminatory that business owners are often blindsided by the taxes owed and find themselves in debt. 


Having exceptional financial records is paramount in this industry. We alleviate that stress for our clients and we work with you every step of the way.


Whether planning for the future, overcoming bad decisions, or simply maintaining your sanity, we offer a compassionate ear, a capable team, and a can-do attitude to get your business where it needs to be.  


Consider us your resource for those necessary evils that prevent you from enjoying the reason you went into business in the first place.

Managing cash flow and profits is the key to successful  growth

Business Operations

  • Price Optimization

  • Inventory Tracking

  • Marketing Concepts 

  • Operational Financing

Business Start-Up

  • Business Plans & Start-Up Costs

  • Projected Financial Reporting 

  • Risk Mitigation

Business Structure

  • Tax Consulttation

  • Regulation ​Compliance 

  • Insurance, Banking Consultation

  • Loan & Financing Consultation

Security is even more critical in the cannabis industry.

We practice safe file exchange through a secure, cloud-based system.  We can readily share and review files without the added burden of hard copies, or even having to meet in person.  We understand the sensitive nature of the cannabis industry and are your resource to help you manage your business finances efficiently, and more importantly....safely.

No struggling to install accounting software on your desktop computer or yearly upgrades.  No worrying about data loss if your computer crashes.  No matter where your business travel takes you, you’ll always have access to your business information and will be able to communicate and interact with us.  Imagine approving invoices to your clients while traveling out of state!  Keep your money coming in the door no matter how far away from your office you are!

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