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Stacey L. Yalenti

Meet Stacey Yalenti, CPA, MSAC

I am well-versed in providing accounting services in ways that put everyone at ease. I’ve logged over 20,000 hours practicing accounting and translating numbers for clients into a language they can understand. 

We are not here to judge.  Everyone operating a business in compliance with their state's laws is entitled to fair and skilled professional services. The cannabis industry is under-served. We are here to help fill that void.


What's unique about the cannabis industry is the large number of entrepreneurial women, and also the large number of entrepreneurial millennials.  It is safe to say I am "not your father's accountant."  Approachable, and here to answer any questions you might have, our team is adaptable to meet your needs.

Let my experience work for your benefit.  

My mission is to help clients in the cannabis industry navigate the accounting, recording, and reporting processes of their business. From start-up to long-term, I help support your business through accounting, business management, and financial services that will help your business thrive including: 

  • Cost Accounting

  • Tax Code Section 280E Compliance

  • Inventory Management

  • Financial Reporting 

  • Business Regulation Compliance

  • And More!

The Crabapple Cove Mission

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